Workload Analysis for SAP HANA


Rápido y granular monitoreo en tiempo real y análisis del rendimiento de bases de datos

Focus on database performance monitoring and analysis by continuously sampling SQL queries with high granularity.

Locate problematic SQL queries within the software stack

Locate problems within the software stack including which application instance, cluster or service. Further identify the location of the problem within applications, reducing the mean time to resolve issues.

Prevent problems to reduce the time between services failures

Detect problems early and prevent problems in the future. Consequently, reduce the mean time between failures of services.

Provide statistics for performance before and after a migration

Display statistics for performance both before and after migration to SAP HANA to reduce risk.

List heavily used components to optimize with SAP HANA

List heavily used components such as hosts, users, services, areas, and SQL statements. Also, display the likely performance gain that can be realized when optimizing with SAP HANA such heavily used components.

  • Rápido, granular, análisis y monitoreo en tiempo real para SAP HANA
  • Localice sentencias SQL problemáticos dentro de SAP HANA software stack
  • Previene problemas para reducir fallas en el servicio de SAP HANA
  • Ver estadísticas de rendimiento después de la migración a SAP HANA
  • List heavily used components to optimize with SAP HANA
Precise Workload Analysis for SAP HANA PERU ECUADOR IDERA R2DT